press : [Interview] : Metromix - Jinelle Shengulette - 10.28.09

Goth band dropping debut

Lead singer for Tranquilatwist says the recording process was 'painful!' but so worth it

Jinelle Shengulette Special to Metromix
October 28, 2009

Karlie Cary Lanni, lead singer for local down-tempo/Goth band Tranquilatwist, usually celebrates Halloween by handing out candy at her mom's house, where she "has a glass of wine and scares the kids."

But this year, Cary Lanni will celebrate with her band - also featuring her husband, Anthony Lanni, on bass; David Michael on lead guitar and trumpet; Gwen Adele on cello; Adam Brakteim on guitar; and Nick Wolfe on drums - at the Devil's Night Fetish Masquerade on Friday, Oct. 30, at Water Street Music Hall.

The party, during which Tranquilatwist will release its first studio album - Down About the Ceiling - also will include performances by industrial/Goth band Bitter Flesh Thing, techno band Silent Auction, and DJs Hellfira and Darkwave. The event will celebrate the release of Tranquilatwist's first studio album, Down About the Ceiling. and tickets purchased at Aaron's Alley or Record Archive will include a free copy of the CD while supplies last.

Recently, we talked with Cary Lanni about the event, the band's new release and more.

Where did the name Tranquilatwist come from?
My husband's sister always made mixed tapes in the '90s - it just used to be a mix of music, just nonsense, but basically tranquil with a twist. So she used to label "tranquilatwist" on all the tapes she'd give out. It kind of explains us, because we're mellow, but then sometimes it gets a little creepy vibe, sort of.

What was the recording process like on Down About the Ceiling?
We were in there doing takes for, like, five hours on one song, so at first I was like, 'This is painful! This is terrible!' But it helped so much; it was better than any voice lesson I've ever taken. It helped us find our sound and (producer Bernard Matthews) beat us up, but it was well worth it. He taught me how to belt. Before I was all timid and quiet and reserved, but he got me to yell [laughs]. It was so fun and therapeutic.

How would you describe your sound on the album?
Our sound is a little dark but not so Gothic (in the depressing sense) - it's quirky. Reminiscent of Portishead and Curve because of the female vocal front, and there's a lot of crunchy guitars.

Why did you decide to release the CD so close to Halloween?
I'm obsessed with Halloween. I love all the freaky things, and it's my favorite time of year, so I think the timing just kind of worked out perfect.