press : [Review] : CITY paper - Frank De Blase - 11.04.09

MUSIC REVIEW: Tranquilatwist

By Frank De Blase
November 4, 2009

photo by Frank De Blase

Tranquilatwist tranquilatwisted the dressed-up-to-get-messed-up crowd for the Devil's Night Fetish Masquerade at Water Street Music Hall Friday.

Singer Karlie Cary Lanni seduced and we succumbed as she wailed bitter and sweet beneath a pillbox hat and fire-engine red tresses. She was a captivating chanteuse within the band's potent swirl. The sound was tall and wide and infinitely deep, as if it had no beginning and no end. The band drew a large, enthusiastic crowd, which apparently caught Lanni off guard with their screams and applause. The dichotomy between commanding sorceress and eager young girl was charming and cool.