press : [Review] : - 12.14.09

TRANQUILATWIST - Down About The Ceiling
December 14, 2009

An appealing packaging seems vital nowadays if a newcomer band wants to catch potential fansí attention. Tranquilatwist from the state of New York therefore didnít save any costs and labour for their debut Down About The Ceiling which comes in a really beautiful cardboard packaging.

It seems as if the three-piece put a lot of effort into the songwriting and recording process. The CD may only be half an hour long, but itís so crammed with ideas and different atmospheres that you will have to spend some time before you unravel all the hidden mysteries. The music has been written and performed by Anthony Lanni and David Michael who combine programmed pattern with live instrumentation to create a diverse set of moods that cover everything from trip hop over rock to gothic. Both have had years of experience and while they may not really be eye catchers, that role has been given to vocalist Karlie Cary Lanni, a sexy red-haired front woman whose charisma is elemental to the bandís sound.

Stating Portishead and Curve as their main influences, Tranquilatwist already reveal what to expect from them. Fortunately they are smart enough to add enough different elements to make for a product that remains interesting throughout its running time, but at times they adhere so much to their sources that more originality would be welcome. That problem occurs mostly on the first two tracks, afterwards things get spookier, adding a spookier atmosphere, showing that they are not only willing, but also able to create something rather unique which one could generously call gothic trip hop. The elaborate songwriting comes with very sophisticated instrumentation, crowned by the sultry vocals. When Down About The Ceiling ends after thirty-one minutes, you find yourself wanting for more. Tranquilatwist can be more than just a little proud of their very professional and appealing debut whose only mistakes are a not so strong start and a too soon end.