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TRANQUILATWIST - Down About The Ceiling

SIDE-LINE music magazine
February 11, 2010

Hailing from Rochester (New-York) Tranquilatwist is a brand-new band making their first steps on the scene. “Down About The Ceiling” will be without a shadow of a doubt a remarkable piece to spread their name around.

The band claims to be influenced by Portishead while the sound makes me more think of The Dresden Dolls and the Belgian artist An Pierlé. Some of the songs are pretty cabaret-like while a dark flavor is often hanging over the tracks. It injects a little new-wave touch, which is also partly due of the guitar play.

Songs like “Downhill” and “Charade” are quite representative for this release. Some of the female vocals are quite theatrical, this way reinforcing the cabaret feeling. One more noticeable song is “Intrinsic” which sounds to me like the offspring of Dresden Dolls and An Pierlé. Tranquilatwist doesn’t sound innovative, but they bring a very good interpretation of an existing style.


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