press : [Review] : Gothic Beauty Magazine - 08.2010

TRANQUILATWIST - Down About The Ceiling

Gothic Beauty Magazine
August, 2010

Have you ever listened to an album and realized that it was a merging of most things you love about music? So it is with Tranquilatwist's debut album, which features a darkly delicious blend of chill electronics beats, smooth guitars, and vocals that are equally sensual and wistful.

Each of the eight tracks offers something for every mood. "Charade" stands out as an anthem for those frustrated with love, with vocals that echo the angst of Alanis Morrisette and an industrial beat that dares to compete with the likes of Emilie Autumn. The arrangements on the album are at times wonderfully theatrical, conveying an influence by experimental types like Portishead and even the Dresden Dolls, by using each song to tell a somber but catchy story. Songs like "Bruise My Soul" are perfectly eerie and intense - both lyrically and melodically, while "Grounded" mixes it up with an African-inspired beat.

Never predictable or dull, Tranquilatwist excels at conjuring a musical landscape of escapism, sullenness, and inner turmoil. If your music collection needs re-vamping or you simply want to treat your ears to something wonderfully different, I insist you take a listen. This music is sure to linger in your head for days and beg for a second or third listen immediately.